Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles, CA
August 27- 29th

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Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles, CA
August 27-29th, 2017

Why is My Pass Free

We've all heard the saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, so why am I being offered 2 free lunches plus a free dinner, breakfasts, drinks receptions, hotel accommodation and Full Access Conference Pass? And if I accept, what is expected of me in return?

Why is my VIP Conference Pass free?

The reason why we can cover the cost of VIP Passes for qualified attendees relates to the element of the program where we coordinate targeted research meetings with exhibitors. For exhibitors this presents a much more effective route to connect with potential partners than a traditional trade show or conference and as such they are prepared to pay a premium for exhibiting. We then essentially pass this premium on by covering the cost of the VIP Passes for qualified attendees.

The good news all round is that the targeted appointments are also perceived as one of the most valuable elements of the program by attendees. (Don't just take our word for it, check out over 50 written comments regarding the appointment system from past attendees below.)  It's a genuine win - win for both exhibitors and attendees. We only connect you with suppliers of solutions in which you have an active interest in researching. You'll be met by a senior level executive who has taken time to prepare pertinent information, relevant to your company and areas of interest. You have a relaxed informal discussion to understand what they have to offer and if their technology might work for your unique needs. It is without doubt the most time efficient medium to research and understand what cutting edge technology is potentially available to help optimize your operations.

So what exactly is expected from me?

Each Track has 2, 2 hour time blocks spread out over the day and a half of the educational program, where we can connect you with up to 10 different exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall for a 25 minute meeting. This reflects about 25% of the Educational Program as a whole, with the remaining 75% being made up of Keynote Presentations, Plenary Presentations, Case Studies and Round Table Discussions.

We only want to connect you with exhibitors who are potentially a good fit to make each meeting as beneficial as possible to both you and the exhibitor. As such, we give you the option to select which exhibitors you would most like to meet when registering. We also encourage you to provide as much detail as possible in terms of what solutions you have an active interest in researching, what your top projects and initiatives for the year are and a brief profile of your organization. Based on this detailed information the scheduling team will connect you with a diverse mixture of industry leading solution providers that are experts in your specific areas of interest. It is simple, straight forward and effective.

If you have any reservations about this model, check out the written comments from past attendees below or feel free to contact Kat Del Rosario, Attendee Relations Executive at (424) 334-5142 with questions or to understand more. If you have no interest in researching solutions, or do not wish to participate in structured meetings then you can inquire about an Educator Pass for $1400.

What Past Attendees think about the Appointment System:

Statistics from the SCOPE Spring 2013 Post Show Survey: 

How would you rate the pre-booked appointments as an effective medium for researching and sourcing solutions compared to a traditional trade show?

40% Excellent    47% Very Good    16% Good    2% Fair    0% Poor

Do you see the potential of placing and order or partnering with an exhibitor you connected with at the event?         

94% Yes                 6% No  

Did you feel the Event was an effective use of your time?          

95% Yes                 4% No           1% No Answer


Comments regarding the appointment System:

 “I found the format far superior to any typical trade-show. Instead of wandering a hall, finding a vendor I wanted to talk to, and then having to wait in line to speak, I simply showed up at the booth at the appointed time and had an uninterrupted discussion with the vendor I was interested in. It was a great use of my time.”

Chief Operating Officer, 


“The speed dating aspect of the vendor meetings was very helpful. We had each other’s undivided attention, and more collaborative conversations took place in these timed meetings than any conference I have ever attended. It’s a very productive format.”

Director Logistics, Best Buy Canada


“Great use of time. It is obvious there was a lot of thought that went into preparing for each attendee. I like the solution focused nature of the conference and am certain we will have new suppliers to work with on upcoming initiatives.”

VP Strategic Initiatives, AGI In Store/American Greetings


“As a first time attendee to SCOPE, I found the format to be much more engaging than typical trade show event. The structured meetings with specific vendors were absolutely the best way to go and best use of my time.”

Director Logistics, Gojo Industries, Inc.


“The opportunity to talk with representatives from cutting edge technology companies helped greatly to update my knowledge of  what’s becoming available. This is extremely helpful in that we are considering new ideas for a future distribution center.”

Director Operations, OfficeMax


"The format of appointments with vendors worked well, you can get a good feel in 20-30 minutes whether they have something that could possibly help. There were a couple that we have follow up confernce calls with this week."

Director Distribution, Shaw Industries


"The structure is excellent. It keeps your day busy and focused with having everything scheduled in advance. The venue chosen was excellent."

Director-Supply Chain, Global Faucets, Kohler Company


"The event was well organized and the format worked well with matching business needs with potential vendors."

Logistics Manager, American Honda


"The one on one vender meetings were a great way to communicate with vendors and really discuss possible solutions."

Regional Finance Manager, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream


 “SCOPE 2009 was the best SCOPE conference yet, I can fully understand why participation increased 60% this year while other conferences have declined. The educational sessions have improved to a level consistent with any cutting edge Supply Chain conference, including top notch speakers. Further, the pre-programmed supplier sessions are an efficient and effective way to meet many suppliers, without wasting time with suppliers who don't provide services you require. As I approached the conference registration desk, I was greeted by name by the conference employee. She only sees me 2 days annually, yet remembered by name, adding a unique personal touch to the conference. Toby and Staff set the bar for Supply Chain Conferences!”

Commodity Manager, Watlow 


 “Instead of wandering a convention trying to find someone to talk to at a company booth/display about that company's capabilities/services, you have dedicated focused time to speak to companies which you are interested in and who are interested in your business.”

Director, The Walt Disney Company


“I felt the format of having scheduled one-on-one time with the suppliers was well thought out. There was sufficient time to see if there was some ability to add value, and pursue further discussion. Some of the pairings provided some unexpected directions that could be investigated. I encourage you to retain this format for next year.

Regional Director of Supply Chain, Sherwin-Williams


“This year's SCOPE event was great experience. Fantastic opportunity to get more insights into key initiatives within industry and some great feedback from presenters on solutions that can rapidly improve any Supply Chain organization. I really enjoyed great variety of presentations which spanned from strategic level overviews down to tactical level project management summaries. Very interesting model of linking vendors, presenters and attendees. Job well done.”

Direct of Supply Chain, Virgin Mobile Canada


“The supplier "speed" meetings were effective when paired with someone of mutual interest. The quick exchange kept the conversation focused and to the point. Valuable information exchanged in a short time. If real connection, plenty of opportunity to get more in depth later in the conference.”

Director of Supply Chain Management, In N Out Burger


“Scheduled meetings with vendors was a great idea. being that this was our first time at the conference, very impressed this the whole schedule.”

Manager Supply Chain Systems, Dole Packaged Foods


 “I was not sure what to expect, and I got more than I hoped. Presentations were insightful and vendor appointments were enlightening. There are clearly many vendors who are well positioned to help us grow, whether we take the steps now or in the future.”

IT Operations Manager,


 “The pre-set supplier meetings were very effective.”

Supply Chain Manager, BP


 “The format for SCOPE is engaging and the quality of the suppliers and attendees was superior. I learned several key insights to new regional environmental certifications and pending new European legislation. Scope's format allowed me to meet more efficiently with systems and hardware vendors than is typically possible at regular trade shows.”

Senior Advisor to CEO, Kopin Corporation


 “The event is well organized to allow you to attend presentations on a specific track of interest to your while still allowing you the opportunity to meet with service providers.”

Division Manager of Performance Excellence, Emerson


 “I really liked the "speed dating." Normally I try to avoid eye contact at a trade show and use my peripheral vision to see if I want to stop. This set the expectations right up front.”

Sr. Manager - Returns Operation, L.L. Bean, Inc.


 “I want to reiterate the effectiveness of the pre-arranged meetings with vendors. I had never experienced anything like that. In general, everyone was accessible and there wasn't the clique-y feeling I often have at conferences.”

VP Customer Service Operations, Replacements, LTD


"SCOPE is an opportunity for me to benchmark current business practices against industry best practices. The forum is an educational format and triggers creative thought with some of the industry's finest practioners. The meeting format, the food, and the social hour presented opportunities to network and learn even more. I would attend SCOPE again.”

Director of Customer Service and Logistics, Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.


"I really enjoyed being able to talk to the companies on a one on one basis. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the suppliers I was scheduled with that I didn't think I would have much interest in, I did. Nice job scheduling"

Director of Planning and Logistics - NAAM, Tenneco

 “I was pleased that the suppliers did their homework on my organization as I did on theirs. That made for a meaningful conversation in the 20 minutes we had.”

Director of Distribution, Quality Bicycle


 “I was a first time attendee of the show and it was a tremendous opportunity for me to learn more about what goes on behind the supply chain. The one on one meetings allowed me to explore different opportunities to increase my efficiencies, reduce my costs and increase my visibility. Great Show!”

Director, Placontrol


 “The format of this conference is excellent and provides a great one-on-one opportunity to either discuss on going challenges and problems or to establish a framework for follow-up discussions. Scheduled appointments lead to a more productive use of both the supplier's time and the prospective client's time.”

Product Manager, Idaho State Liquor Dispensary


 “Having a schedule set up for me to talk with vendors that I'm interested in was a more effective use of my time than getting on the internet and researching the various companies that offer the solutions I'm looking for.”

Logistics Manger, North West Pipe


"The show was very well managed and run. The 20 minute meeting format was good, on average it was a great use of my time and I was able to connect with suppliers that were overall a good fit. I engaged with more known industry suppliers at SCOPE than I would have at a traditional industry show. I look forward to SCOPE's next west coast event."

VP of Operations, Konami Digital Entertainment


"The ability to meet numerous high quality suppliers and their executives in a rapid fire fashion is an extremely efficient way to gather information to improve the business."

Sr VP Operations, Mindspeed Technologies


"This was an excellent opportunity to meet with a variety of Vendors in a short but focused time period. Which enabled us to be introduced to or learn more about available products and services. The time allocated for networking allowed for additional information to be exchanged."

Logistics Manager, International Game Technology


"The conference was great; the show enabled me to connect with some great suppliers. I have a couple of appointments already set up for next week. The format of the conference was very well organized; you were able to get a contact at an equivalent time, so you weren't left roaming around and hoping to catch up when a supplier was busy."

Senior Process Engineer, Georgia Pacific


"Great start for a new conference. I met 19 suppliers and feel the format; venue and content were first class. Two suppliers are under consideration. The educational sessions were very productive and I look forward to seeing more strategic planning suppliers in the future."

eProcurement Manager, Guitar Center Inc.


"I found the SCOPE Event to be very worthwhile and informative. I gained a greater knowledge base than I anticipated. The format helped me cut to the chase when dealing with the vendors because of the set appointments. I could go up and talk to people without being interrupted. A fantastic event."

Sr. Maintenance Project Manager, A Major Auto Parts Retailer.


"SCOPE was very informative and extremely helpful. No more running around trying to figure out what supplier to see. It was very precise and organized event. SCOPE has a much better approach. At the SCOPE Event, I know exactly what supplier I am going to connect with; I am only connected with the supplier that is best suited for my needs, I don't have to walk around or try to figure it out on the fly."

International Logistics Director, Fortune Fashions


"I enjoyed the fact that you guys organized who we should speak to, and everyone we spoke to had a little bit to offer a company like us, and I spent a bit of time speaking to the people you didn't set up for us and sure enough they didn't have much to offer us, so you guys did a really good job on picking who we should speak to."

VP of Operations, Total Transportation Services


"Excellent time! I love the 20 minute meetings, and the way to interface with that many different people and companies and a chance to meet at a social level later on in the day and go over things and set up some networking outside the 20 minute windows Very pleased with all of that. An excellent fit, so far we are only half way through we have had 3 Excellent fits that we are going to pursue further."

General Manager, Lightning logistics


"I really enjoyed the way the event was organized, it stayed on schedule, 20 minutes with everyone, we got to see everyone, gathered a lot of information to keep moving and it worked very well for us."

VP Business Development, Pathmark


 “I enjoyed the meeting it was a way to get a taste of different vendor services and also get educated on current supply chain topics.”

Operations Manger, Angel-Med

Offer is not valid for suppliers of solutions who can consider exhibiting options.