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Axway provides market-leading software and services that empower organizations to govern the flow of data that drives
business-critical interactions. Axway (NYSE: Euronext: AXW.PA) is a global software company with over 11,000 customers
in 100 countries. For more than 20 years, Axway has been helping global enterprises modernize and adapt to
ever-changing standards and interoperability requirements integrating their partners and processes across the global
value chain. Our award-winning technology and solutions span mobile and API integration, B2B integration, and MFT,
offered on-premise and in the Cloud along with professional and managed services.

• API Gateway • API Management • API Portal
• Axway 5 Suite • B2B Gateway • B2Bi
• Central Governance • Cloud B2B Managed Service
• EDI 2.0 • MFT • Secure Transport • Sentinel

• Manufacturing
• Automotive
• Logistics and 3PL
• Retail

• Con-Way
• Gassco
• UTi Worldwide

“The Axway B2Bi solution is a key system for Gassco’s 24/7 business. We absolutely needed a reliable and secure
B2B data flow broker and that’s what we have with Axway B2Bi.”
> Arne Ferkingstad, B2Bi production manager, Gassco

“As a 3PL, we need to be an invisible partner. With Axway technology, customers don’t even see a difference between
their system and ours. In essence, we become part of their business. Seamless integration is very important to us and
to our customers.”
> John Reich, IT Manager, Con-Way

“We realized that it was too difficult to serve global clients in a regionally oriented way. We had situations where we
were using different communication protocols for a single client across the regional centers, but the client required
one way to interact with UTi to address their global logistics needs. Today, the global B2B Center of Excellence uses
Axway 5 Suite to provide an environment in which all UTi clients, third parties and brokers can be managed through
a common B2B translation environment for any message type. The solution employs a brokerage concept to work
with various back-end business systems, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), global freight forwarding,
accounts receivable and other accounting processes.”
> Theresa Gosko, IT Manager, UTi Worldwide