Technology Evaluation Centers


Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is an impartial global consulting and advisory company and the world's leading provider of software selection resources, services, and research materials. TEC helps organizations evaluate and select the best enterprise software for their needs. With the combination of our proven approach to software assessment and our selection experts, TEC reduces the time, cost, and risks associated with enterprise software selection.

For 25 years, TEC has specialized in software evaluation and selection. TEC is your unbiased advocate working to make sure your interests come first.

TEC can support your software initiatives at any stage of the process—research, evaluation, and selection

This is what sets us apart: Technology, Research, Proven Methodology, Analytical Expertise


We deliver our services on a project basis ranging from Guided Self Service Delivery to Full Service Evaluation and Selection.




“The experience of implementing a mixed-mode ERP package into multiple facilities and diverse operating entities was something we could have never realized without the right approach. TEC delivered a flexible and comprehensive approach with the right people at the right time, making this incredibly complicated process a success.”
- Barry Clifford, CFO, Polychem

“TEC Advisor, paired with TEC’s strong project management, kept us on track and made a daunting challenge easier.”
- John Przedpelski, CIO, Masonite

“By working with TEC, not only were we able to work with a neutral party, an advocate, but the process was supported by TEC Advisor, and we were able to compare our requirements against solutions from hundreds of vendors.”
- Peter Post, Business Owner, Manufacturing Systems Program, ECOM