riskmethods provides comprehensive supply chain risk management software to identify risks along global supply chains, assess risk impact and implement appropriate action plans. Potential risks are detected at an early stage, assuring delivery, maintaining compliance and protecting the corporate image. The SaaS solution, which was developed in Germany, has become the leading standard for supply chain risk management. We provide a modern, intuitive interface with innovative risk intelligence, delivered to you in near real-time, all activated in 24 hours.





“We are now able to perform easy electronic searches to find out when our suppliers were experiencing hardships so that we could plan accordingly. This drastically increased visibility into the supply chain and minimized the impact of any issues that would have been previously unforeseen. The real time updates have preserved on-time deliveries, saved the company serious money, and kept its product line humming.”
- Ron Wilson, Chief Procurement Officer, Wilbur Curtis
“The impact questionnaire gave us the ability to really get down to assessing impact at a material. When we were done with all the modelling we knew where the hotspots and risky materials were, and we could then plan risk mitigation activities against those materials.”  "
- Jay Traficante, Senior Director of Supply Chain and Procurement, Acushnet Company
“The modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface from riskmethods ensures high user acceptance in the organization and smooth implementation of the solution in our worldwide locations.”
- Stephan Hänni, Head of Corporate Procurement, Reichle & De-Massari