With decades of parcel negotiation experience, Shipware is recognized as the industry’s foremost parcel authority. Since 1991, we have helped some of the largest shippers in the world reduce parcel expenditures by hundreds of millions of dollars.  Shipware will also analyze and optimize your delivery network to save money and improve delivery transit using regional and national carriers as well as US Postal Service and parcel consolidators.  Our proprietary audit software analyzes weekly parcel invoices for billing errors, service failures and applies all credits directly to your carrier account. Finally, we provide powerful reporting tools for greater spend management visibility empowering our clients to make intelligent cost-saving transportation decisions.

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Products / Services:
Carrier Contract Optimization
• Comprehensive Parcel Evaluation
- Distribution Analysis
- Benchmarks
- Accessorial Analysis
- Dimensional Billing Impact
- Expert Insight
- Savings Opportunity
• Targeted Pricing
• Leverage Our Expertise
• Proposed Carrier Pricing- Rate Modeling
- Financial Impact Analysis
Carrier Contract Optimization
• Regional Carriers
Invoice Audit & Recovery
• 50+ Audit Points
• Identify & Recover Billing Errors
• Carrier & Contract Compliance
Distribution Consulting
• Identify Ideal DC/Fulfillment Location
• Zone Skipping
Transportation Intelligence
• Reporting & Analytics
• Measured KPI’s
• Trends

Clients Shipping Volume:
• $1M - $300M
• Average: $10M - $30M

Industries Served:
• Retail
• Ecommerce
• Consumer Products
• Automotive
• High Tech
• Medical Device
• Pharmaceutical
• Manufacturing
• Finance
• Utilities
• Wholesale

“I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know that Shipware is on my team in what feels like a David vs Goliath battle.”
> VP of Transportation, Consumer Products Company
“From auditing our invoices to contract optimization, Shipware provides the expertise and technology we lack internally
to ensure our costs are contained.”
> COO, E-Commerce Company
“Their expertise and analytics are far superior to anything else we’ve explored. Shipware has become a virtual extension
of our transportation department.”
> CFO, Retail Company